Friday, June 11, 2010's been a month...

I can't believe it's already been a month since I last posted. I've come in here several times to post something and my doggone life has gotten in the way. So, here's the updates.

I had applied for a crap load of jobs in the last month or so and had gotten 2 second interviews, but didn't get the jobs. In fact, one of them never even bothered to call me back. Whatever. Then I had nothing. I was finding that I was either overqualified or under-qualified for most of the jobs here. I have 10 years experience working in a medical office, but I can't get a job to save my behind. I think some of the places were afraid that I would jump ship as soon as something better came along; either that or they asked what my wages were before and the wages the company was going to offer was way they assumed that I wouldn't want the position. Ummm, yeah. I am smart enough to realize that the wages I made at my previous position (in a BIG city and I ran an ENTIRE office) are not going to be anywhere close to the wages (in the small town and front desk receptionist position I applied for) that I would make here now. But again, just pure speculation on my part.

So like I said, I was getting nowhere. Then about 3 weeks ago...I had 4 job offers all at once. I ended up declining 2 of them because they were not the right fit for me. So, now I am a "paperwork pusher" (my description for my job) at a local real estate office. I like it, but I'm also having to learn everything. I'm an independent contractor for an agent, so I have flexibility to also do things from home as well as in the office. My other new job is a position where I am an independent contractor as well.

We've also added a new addition to our family. We adopted a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the kids name her Frosty. She is now about 10 or 11 weeks and has soooooo much energy. Now we are having to deal with housebreaking and puppy biting. If you are not familiar with the breed, they are used a lot on farms to help herd the animals. So, now she's just trying to herd our kids. They are a very smart breed, so we have our work cut out for us. Here's a pic of Frosty.

There is one thing that I need help with. I need to create a business name for my independent contractor jobs. But, I don't know what to choose. I don't want it limited to real estate, because I may expand it further into other things like a personal assistant, grocery shopping service, etc. I was thinking something like Girl Friday - but most people don't know what a Girl Friday is anymore, so it ends up sounding like a call girl service (and I definitely don't want that). Any ideas????????

Till next time...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Product Review and Giveaway

Well, my very first product review and giveaway should be soon (keeping my fingers crossed)!!!

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Laundry Room Monster

So, I think I finally have to agree with my husband. We have a laundry room monster (LRM). There has been some debate over this issue since I was the one doing all the laundry. I took all the laundry in, washed it, dryed it, and brought it out to be sorted and folded. The floor would be empty where the piles of laundry used to be and I thought I had put it all away. I walk back into the laundry room and there's more freakin' laundry. Not to mention the socks that my husband wears with his denim shorts have totally and 100% completely disappeared.

Our oldest daughter decided that she wanted to swap me chores in the house. She would do everything in the house except cooking and the one chore she was already assigned...dishes. I thought great, now the LRM will disappear since I'm no longer doing the laundry. She started off with a bang...that lasted all of 2 weeks (insert sarcasm here). Somewhere during that time frame, that ugly LRM returned. So, guess who is back doing laundry and everything else again? Anyway, back to the subject. The LRM is back with a vengeance! I now have even BIGGER piles of laundry and more stuff just vanish. I don't know where this stuff goes to - shirts, jeans, shorts, more socks...just gone. It's like the dryer monster that eats all your socks, but bigger and meaner. If anyone can figure out where all this stuff goes, let me know will ya?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

My First Post

Wow!! I can not believe I'm actually starting a blog. I've thought about it off and on for quite some time, but never thought I would actually do it. But, yet, here I am.

So, being that this if the first post...I suppose I should introduce myself a little.

I am married to the best guy in the world and couldn't imagine life without him. We have 3 kids (2 girls and a boy) ages 11, 4, and 2. Our house is just chaos most of the time with what we call the "double trouble team" - our 4 and 2 year olds. The 11 year old has hit that "tween" thing and spends a lot of time in her room (or cave as we call it).

We currently live in Arizona - in probably the most hottest city around (think 120 degree summers and 90 degree nights). During the summertime, we don't even have to use the hot water because what comes out of the cold tap is already hot. When it's not hot, then it is just windy. Most days we will have 35 mph winds all day with gusts up to a lot of wind advisories are issued for this area.

As for hobbies around here:

I like to bake, watch movies, and enter sweepstakes. I'm still trying to figure out how to cook without burning everything and it's really not going very well.

I attempted to grill pork chops the other night and my husband told me that I invented a new form of shoe leather and Nike would be calling.

My husband is into drag racing and motorcycles. He has been racing some form of a vehicle for almost as long as I've known him. He's on the hunt for the ever elusive "Wally" trophy, but has yet to achieve it. If he's not racing, he's riding his Harley or looking at a whole ton of bike forums on the net.

The kids really haven't established any hobbies yet, but our 11 year old daughter goes out on the Harley with my husband for an occasional ride.

Well, I guess this gives you the basics about me.

Thanks for reading...more to follow.