Sunday, May 2, 2010

Laundry Room Monster

So, I think I finally have to agree with my husband. We have a laundry room monster (LRM). There has been some debate over this issue since I was the one doing all the laundry. I took all the laundry in, washed it, dryed it, and brought it out to be sorted and folded. The floor would be empty where the piles of laundry used to be and I thought I had put it all away. I walk back into the laundry room and there's more freakin' laundry. Not to mention the socks that my husband wears with his denim shorts have totally and 100% completely disappeared.

Our oldest daughter decided that she wanted to swap me chores in the house. She would do everything in the house except cooking and the one chore she was already assigned...dishes. I thought great, now the LRM will disappear since I'm no longer doing the laundry. She started off with a bang...that lasted all of 2 weeks (insert sarcasm here). Somewhere during that time frame, that ugly LRM returned. So, guess who is back doing laundry and everything else again? Anyway, back to the subject. The LRM is back with a vengeance! I now have even BIGGER piles of laundry and more stuff just vanish. I don't know where this stuff goes to - shirts, jeans, shorts, more socks...just gone. It's like the dryer monster that eats all your socks, but bigger and meaner. If anyone can figure out where all this stuff goes, let me know will ya?

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